Areola Correction

Other Name: Nipples Correction
Patient Satisfaction: 96%*
Procedure Time: 1 - 2 hours
Return to Work: 1 Week
Recovery Time: 6 Week

Let Your Body Talk

Areola Correction

Other Name: Nipples Correction
Patient Satisfaction: 96%*
Procedure Time: 1 - 2 hours
Return to Work: 1 Week
Recovery Time: 6 Week

Let Your Body Talk

For many women, the breasts are easily some of the most challenging parts of the body to accept. Most people find their breasts are never just right; they usually look to find a problem. They are too large, too small or not round enough.

They feel embarrassed by their breasts and thus many people simply do not put the effort into making their breasts feel as they should. Rather, they look to keep them completely away from the world, fearful of showing off something they feel so unconfident about. However, another common problem for women is dealing with their areolas, or nipples.

Areola correction, actually, is one of the most common issues that we deal with when working with our clients. We find that nipple correction is something that many people can feel quite open to the idea of. Instead of trying to manage the rest of their breasts, they can look to change a part of their body that they personally feel self-conscious of.

The areolas are another part of the breast that most females can never be 100% happy with without some kind of intervention. If you would like to make that the case, then our areola reduction surgery is all that you need.

Areola Correction: At A Glance

Surgery Time:

1 - 2 hours

Time Off Work:

1 Week

Hospital Stay:

Day Case


1 week


1 week

Compression Garments:

Sports bra worn for 2 weeks


4-6 weeks

Sexual Activity:

Restricted activity after 4 weeks

Recovery Time:

6 Week

Sleeping Position:

Sleeping on back recommended for 1-2 weeks

Who is Suitable?

When looking to help make sure you make the right choice with regards to nipple reduction surgery, we’ll hold a consultation with you to determine the right step forward. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nipples or your areolas then we can easily get involved and find a simple, easy solution.

A fast, easy and safe solution to go through, our treatment can be all that you need to feel much more confident and in control about how your breasts look.

So, what benefits exist from undergoing such a procedure?

  • One of the main changes is the fact that your breasts are going to be much more ‘balanced’ – given that the area areola is around 4.7cm for average height women. As such, we can help you to make sure that your areolas are going to be the right size.
  • Also, this can help you to change the look or feel of the areolas themselves. Many people feel that they are rather raised and thus would like to change that and replace it. This can be changed by reducing the size of the areola.
  • Nipple or areola reduction surgery can be the go-ahead solution that you need to help handle this confidence-sapping problem. If you feel too nervous to expose your breasts because they feel too large or look domed, then we can help you to solve that problem with an active and easy alternative.
  • Another reason for surgery can be to remove surface glands which are visible, or to help get rid of non-circular shapes. By doing this, you become so much more likely to actually go about correcting and improving how you feel when you are not wearing a bra.

It’s a simple choice for many women – correct a problem that has, for many years, held them back. Having areolas or nipples that you feel uncomfortable with can be a problem that sets you back years in terms of your self-belief, so this can be a nice change to form. Don’t let such a basic problem hold you back from having 100% confidence in your body and your breasts!

Come and speak to our team today; we’ll arrange the ideal solution for your needs.

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