Vaser Liposuction

Other Name: Lipo
Patient Satisfaction: 98%*
Procedure Time: 30 min - 2.5 hours
Return to Work: 1 Week
Recovery Time: 6 Week

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Vaser Liposuction

Other Name: Lipo
Patient Satisfaction: 98%*
Procedure Time: 30 min - 2.5 hours
Return to Work: 1 Week
Recovery Time: 6 Week

Let Your Body Talk

Vaser liposuction, also known as VASERlipo, is a modern liposuction procedure using ultrasound technology to break down fat cells in the body with minimum damage to surrounding cells and tissue.

Body fat is melted and removed through a thin tube, using Vaser liposuction techniques to make it easier to remove the fat – especially in dense body parts or areas with large volumes of stubborn fat. The ultrasound waves emitted by the probe break apart fat cells on contact. The liquefied fat is then sucked out with a cannula through tiny incisions.

Incisions made on the body are very small, usually around 3mm, which eliminates the need for stitches, occasionally drains can be inserted by the surgon at the incision site which gets removed between 7-10days.Vaser is commonly used and effective on almost every body part including; ankles, calf muscles, knees, arms (bingo wings), armpits, neck, chin (double chin), thighs (saddle bags), bum, male chest (man boobs), upper back, flanks (aka love handles) and abdomen.

Vaser Liposuction: At A Glance

Surgery Time:

30 min - 2.5 hours

Time Off Work:

1 Week

Hospital Stay:

Day Case

Usual Mobility:

1 day


1 week


1 week

Compression Garments:



4-6 weeks

Sexual Activity:

Restricted activity after 4 weeks

Recovery Time:

6 Week

Sleeping Position:

Sleeping on back recommended for 1-2 weeks

Why Do People Have it?

Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive method of removing fat that can be more efficient than traditional liposuction. It is also more selective in the cells it targets whilst leaving surrounding areas untouched.

Fat cells that are removed using this method can also be harvested for fat transfer to other parts of the body for example for the lipofilling to the breast, fac, buttock or other areas. People are choosing Vaserlipo to get the body shape they have always wanted because of quick recovery and improved results.

It is a precise method used to target specific fatty areas that are particularly stubborn. Being minimally invasive, Vaserlipo cuts down recovery time and produces results that are visible instantly after undergoing the procedure. Vaser liposuction is one of the most popular forms of lipo in London and throughout the rest of the UK.

One of the reasons why it has grown in popularity is that it is great for targeting areas of fat that people struggle to get rid of, particularly love handles and bingo wings. Other reasons more people are choosing Vaserlipo over traditional lipo include:

Faster recovery
The recovery time for this procedure is very quick. Much quicker than traditional methods. Due to the advanced technology and methods used, patients do not require much time off work and are usually back at work within 2 to 3 days.

Less damage to cells
Blood vessels, nerves and tissue are all damaged during the process of traditional liposuction. However, with Vaserlipo, the precise and gentle waves from the probe leave much less of these unharmed in the surrounding area.

Minimally invasive
The method of removing fat does so with minimum impact on your body. Although incisions are required to suck out the fat, stitches are not required because they are so small and drains might be used.

High quantity targeting
Not only can Vaser target multiple areas, it can target very large sections of the body and remove large quantities of fat cells i.e. around 3ltrs in a single session.

Arrange a consultation in Manchester with one of our experts to discuss your needs and requirements. We are able to provide professional, no obligation advice on the best treatment for you on your body type.

Who is Suitable?

Quite simply, any area in your body can be treated using this technology. As can be identified from the diagram, typical areas of excessive fat deposits can be identified around the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms, neck and in the case of men, the chest area (gynecomastia).

Certain zones of the body are more susceptible to act as fat reservoirs, which can make them resilient to efforts from diet and exercise regimes. For normal, healthy people, these regions can give the impression of being ´out of shape´ due to the lack of toning as it can be problematic to attain an evenly unified athletic presence within the body, despite exercise, diet and the best of intentions.

What to expect:


As each patient has contrasting requirements and body types, every consultation with the industry professionals ofThe Mayfair Medical carefully ensures that the procedure leaves them with the exact proportion and results they desire; from subtle feminine curvation to defined, masculine abdominals, the technology of VASER which has the capacity to transform each and every body type for a leaner, more defined body shape.

With VASER Liposculpture, we are not creating things that are not there we are only contouring. When the patients come into the room, it´s a pleasure to see them and we look forward to making them slimmer with that special VASER definition.

The Mayfair Medical is leading the way in referring patients for the revered VASER technique. We liaise with a team of leading, established industry professionals who work alongside their quality commitment charter and their patient’s exact criteria to produce a highly customised and effective end result.Every year, hundreds of these body contouring procedures are performed all around the United Kingdom by the industry professionals who we refer you to.

What are the risks?

Although Vaser liposuction is extremely safe, there are some potential risks/ complications of undergoing this procedure. These include:

• Bruising following treatment that can last for up to 2 weeks.
• Pain, which can be controlled with pain-killers.
• Infection is very rare, but should this occur, can be treated with anti-biotics.
• Scars may be visible from the small incisions that are made during treatment, which will fade as they heal over time.
• Burning is very rare but the ultrasonic energy from the probe can cause a burn around the incision.
• Skin discolouration around treatment area, but very rare.
• Bleeding is possible due to the incisions required for sucking out the fat. Medical pads will be provided.

Why use Mayfair for your Vaser Liposuction?

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