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What are the Differences between Abdominoplasty and Liposculpture?

For many people there is a confusion between liposuction and a tummy tuck, so in the following important points we will take into account the two procedures and distinguish adequately between the two procedures. Liposuction is also known as liposculpture, and the difference between them is that firstly, liposuction can be performed on very specific areas of fat accumulation, while the liposuction abdominal areas, waist and back work can be mixed with procedures to improve areas of poor projection, such as the buttocks.

Regarding the abdominoplasty, this can also be referred to as the dermolipectomy, abdominal lipectomy or abdominal plasty.


Indications for the two procedures are specific, for a comprehensive evaluation must be made, assessing certain aspects such as integrity, elasticity or excess skin, the presence or absence of grooves, accumulations of fat, the tone of the muscles of the abdominal wall, for hernias of the abdominal wall, and the form of the umbilicus among others.

Therefore a person with good quality skin will be a good candidate for liposuction, but people who have a loss of skin rigidity triggered by weight fluctuations or pregnancy, excess skin and poor tone of the muscles of the abdominal wall will have an indication of a tummy tuck. Some people have a boundary between the two parameters mentioned above so they can be offered a minilipectomia.

Surgical technique

To achieve the above surgeries should take some laboratory tests and a prior evaluation by the anesthesiologist as part of the pre-operative screen. Then markings need to be performed that are totally different depending on each intervention, as liposculpture must be defined by areas of excess, the areas of greatest concavity and curvatures to define them better. If any places that require improvement, then the surgery scars are almost imperceptible and are less than 4 mm.

In tummy tucks and mini – tummy tucks, there should be made larger incisions but it is very important to know beforehand the underwear of the patient or bathing suit, as this will allow scars to be perfectly camouflaged. You will wonder why larger incisions are required in a tummy tuck – the answer is very simple, as in this surgery it’s necessary to make a withdrawal of excess skin, and also it must accommodate the muscles of the abdominal wall, through some internal points as a brace, which will allow further definition of the waist. As previously explained with a minilipectomia, the scars are also much smaller.

Post-operative period

During the postoperative some medications should be taken as a painkiller and an antibiotic if prescribed by your operating suregon. In all the above interventions, you should use a minimum amount of compression garments or commonly called lycra for 6-8 weeks. The stitches are removed on average within 2 weeks and it is also common to use dissolvable sutures.

The Mayfair Medical

Mayfair medical works in partnership with surgeons across UK and abroad and strongly recommend that any procedure that you are considering is taken very seriously. Thus we encourage the initial consultation with the surgeon itself and not with a sales person, who can recommend as what they can or can’t achieve, while providing you with an opportunity to discuss all associated risks & complications as part of his independent advice. We strongly recommend cooling off period is allowed after the consultation and surgeons reserve the rights not to undertake the procedure if medical history is not shared by your nominated GP and other health professionals. Our team is always at hand to assist with any queries to make your journey as smooth as possible.

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